Meet Megan!

Hey there- I’m so happy you stopped by! 

Some things I love: Jesus, my sweet husband, sunshine, coffee, chocolate, boxer pups, and my home sweet home called Texas.

My husband and I are stationed in Germany at the moment! Living the military life has been such an adventure. But before escaping to magical Europe, we both came from small towns in Texas. The ‘we only have one yellow flashing light’ kind of small. The type of place you see in movies. Everyone knows everyone and your mom knew what you did before you made it home! It was fun coming from such a unique little town. I still stay in touch with everyone from my class and believe it or not I still know the kids in school- and our ten year reunion just passed- told you it was small! So our move to Europe had such a positive impact on our lives.

I graduated college from Texas Tech University, where I met my sweet husband! {Go Red Raiders!} I have an Architecture Degree and have practiced professionally at four firms- having titles from Architectural Consultant to Project Manager. Its been a little tough gaining experience and finding companies willing to give someone who’s always on the move a chance to make a difference in their environment. A few, however, have lent me that opportunity and I’ve gained so much experience in all facets of my life through those outlets.

I’ve practiced photography since college and as the years went by I began to turn the hobby into something a little more serious. In college it was more about learning to use available light, photographing my projects in the studio and understanding the design element of photos. However, the more I leaned into it I now see photography different. Each photo tells a story. There is emotion, happiness and love to be captured. I think about what I want people in the years to come to read when they look through their photos. I think about what my grandchildren will feel when they look through our photos- our stories. A photo doesn’t have to be perfect. The moment is perfect for you.

But honestly, to know me is to know my husband. He is a dedicated christian, a loving husband, a hard worker, a Green Beret, my best friend whom I am so proud of and of course, my professional travel partner! We have been married for almost 3 years and they have been the best years of my life. Since we’ve been stationed in Stuttgart, Germany for 2 years now we really never want to leave. Our experience in Europe has been life changing. The culture that we have experienced is irreplaceable and we are both so thankful. We have endless stories to tell and so many photographs that help us tell them.

I love to document everything. We both do. My husband is the artist- sketching and sculpting wherever our new destination may be. I dabble in watercolor and (surprising I know) take a million photos. We have travel books galore as proof. My travel blog will help prove that as well. I’ve just begun this site so the blog is going to be playing catch up as I begin to share our travel stories, but head on over and check out what’s there so far! I’d love to have you along for the ride- sign up to be notified when I share a new destination!

Find the contact tab at the top if you have any questions, want to chat or have a favorite place in Europe you’d like to share!